In April and May, 2006

Gloucester County College

Will Offer a 3-Credit Course

at Disney World


"Multi-Dimensional Children's Literature"

Gloucester County College will offer a 3-credit course that uses Walt Disney World as its field site. The course will meet two full days on Saturdays in April 2006 at Gloucester County College and five days and nights in May 2006 at Disney World. Course description, tentative schedule, costs, information about our stay at Disney World, background information about the two professors teaching the course, and sources of additional information can be found below.

Note: For additional information about taking this course, please contact Dr. John Baer <> or Dr. Sylvia Baer <>.

Course Description

Multi-Dimensional Children's Literature

(ENG 170: Special Topics in English -- 3 credits)

Dr. Sylvia Baer & Dr. John Baer

Videos, movies, toys, dolls, theme parks, websites, computer games, and accessories of all kinds have become common extensions of works of children's literature, and sometimes these extensions become larger and more significant in children's lives than the works of literature themselves. What is the nature, the impact, and the viability of these extensions of books for children, and how can we create developmentally appropriate extensions of great children's stories that supplement and enrich, but do not replace or diminish, the originals? This course examines the value and effects of these multi-dimensional elements and teaches students how to evaluate and to create such extra-textual extensions of works of children's literature. The course is designed to focus on 1) the literature itself, by examining multi-textual and comparative models; 2) the reader of the literature, by examining and applying psychological theories of development; and 3) the delivery methods, by examining the various off-shoots of the literature itself.

This course will use Walt Disney World as a field site. The class will meet for two full days on week-ends in April at Gloucester County College; there will be a variety of assignments to be completed between then and the time the class reconvenes at Disney World in early May; the class will then use Disney World as a fieldsite to explore multi-dimensional children's literature; and students will submit final projects based on their Disney World research after returning to New Jersey. Classes will meet daily during the five-day stay at Disney World.

Evaluation will be based on book and multi-media evaluations, in-class writings and quizzes, and a final paper/project.


Tentative Course Schedule

Saturday, April 15, 2006, and Saturday, April 22, 2006, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, at Gloucester County College in Sewell, NJ.

Thursday afternoon, May 18, 2006, through Tuesday morning, May 23, 2006, at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.

Course Costs

Because Gloucester County College is a state- and county-supported school, costs vary somewhat depending on residency; however, the estimated total cost for the course, including registration and fees, lodging, and passes to the four Disney World theme parks will be approximately $1,240. This does not include airfare, books, or food. Food costs at Disney World vary widely. Dinners at the Food Court at Port Orleans Riverside run about $10, and one easily can dine on $25 a day if one avoids the more expensive restaurants. Airfares vary widely, but this is not a heavy travel time to Florida so there are many bargains to be found.

For more exact cost information, please contact Dr. John Baer <> or Dr. Sylvia Baer <>.

Information about Our Stay at Disney World

We will visit all four theme parks (The Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Disney-MGM Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom), and we will spend five nights on Disney property at one of Disney's most beautiful resorts, Port Orleans Riverside (formerly known as Dixie Landings). The resort has several swimming pools, a large food court and a restaurant, bike and walking trails, and many beautiful gardens. Port Orleans is situated on the Sassagoula River, and boats leave for Downtown Disney every 20 minutes. Buses will take us to each of the four Disney theme parks. We will also ride the monorail to visit The Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center and some of the Magic Kingdom resorts. All transportation on Disney property is free to us as guests at Port Orleans.

All rooms at Port Orleans have two double beds, a bathroom, double sinks, and a dressing area. Two students will share each room.

The weather at Disney World in May is generally quite warm, with frequent afternoon thunderstorms. Students should come prepared for occasional wet weather. We will be going to the parks each day, rain or shine.

About the Professors

Dr. Sylvia Baer is a Professor of English at Gloucester County College. She has been teaching children's literature for many years, and she has won several prestigious awards for her teaching. She is also an Emily Dickinson scholar, a poet, and a playwright.

Dr. John Baer is a Professor of Education at Rider University. His books on creativity are widely read by both psychologists and educators. His research on the development of creativity and his teaching have both won national awards.

For More Information

For additional information or to pre-register for the course, please contact Dr. John Baer <> or Dr. Sylvia Baer <>. Enrollment is limited.



Below are some photos of our last class at Disney World.