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Other Music Sites

Ars Nova (Music software - kids to college)
Coda Music Technology (Finale and Smart Music products)
E-Mu Systems, Inc. (synthesizers)
Harmonic Vision (Music software for kids)
Journey Ed (academic discount software and hardware)
Korg (synthesizers)
Kurzweil Music Systems (synthesizers)
Mark of the Unicorn (Perfomer sequencing software, etc.)
MacGAMUT (CAI Music software)
Opcode Music Systems (MIDI interfaces, Vision sequencing software, etc.)
Roland (synthesizers)
Sibelius Notation software
Tim Smith's Bach Site (one of the best music sites on the web!)
Voyager Company (CD ROMs)
Yamaha (synthesizers)

Music Theory Rudiments

Easy Music Theory Lessons
Music Lessons
Music Theory Online

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