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Madman - I want my students to get as realistic an understanding as possible of what it's like to be a practicing psychologist. In my novel Madman, I try to accomplish this by describing the life of a psychology intern working in a psychiatric unit, including his relationships with the patients and staff, and his struggles to understand the virtues, but also the limitations, of psychology. This link will take you to a synopsis of the book.

Contemporary Psychoanalysis and Eastern Thought - I firmly believe in the importance of integrating psychoanalytic ideas with views from Eastern philosophy, especially concerning religion and spirituality. It can be a truly rewarding multicultural education for psychology students.

Graduate School in Psychology - Graduate school and careers in psychology is a complex topic. This handout for our undergraduate students at Rider University answers some commonly asked questions, especially concerning careers in mental health.

Working (and playing) with dreams - Either as an ongoing in-class project, or as an activity outside of class, students can work on exploring and interpeting their dreams. I use this handout as a supplement to our in-class discussions on this topic. If you have Adobe's Acrobat, here is the pdf file that contains the fully formatted version of this handout. The circulating papers technique is another excellent method for helping students work with dreams.

A Dream Manual - Here are some excerpts from a manual that William Sharp (a Rider graduate) uses with his students to help them work with their dreams.

Group Dynamics Manual (Psy 340 & 340L) - A manual for an upper level undergraduate course where students participate in ongoing task and process-oriented groups.

Zen Stories - Eastern tales from Zen Buddhism and Taoism are great teaching tools and stimuli for class discussion. They highlight many basic human issues about life, death, and everything of importance inbetween. This collection of stories also includes students' reactions to the stories.

Handbook of Demonstrations and Activities in the Teaching of Psychology (volume 3). Mark Ware & David Johnson (Eds.). New York: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1996 - a large collection of excellent articles on teaching activities related to clinical, counseling, personality, and social psychology.

Training and Teaching the Mental Health Professional (Jason Aronson, 1996). This book by Jed Yalof of Immaculata College is an excellent psychodynamic exploration of teaching. Although it focuses on the training of the mental health professional, the book contains much useful information about teaching in general - including the psychology of students, teachers, and their relationship.

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