Group Checkers

Suggested by Alan Clingan and Gordon McInnis (Bowen Center, Indiana) -

I call this "Group Checkers". It's best done with children but can be used with adults also. The idea is for the clients to beat me at checkers. Not really that difficult. Only catch is that they must make the move as a team. That is, the team (group) must decide on what will be the move of choice and who will be moving the checker, prior to the actual move.

This is a very difficult task for impulsive, oppositional, or attention seeking adolescents. The processing can go along the lines of teamwork, communication, frustration/anger management, being heard, winning (or loosing), problem solving, compromise, how this activity is like school, work, home, etc. I've had good success with this experience.

A twist can be that every time a "jump" is made the board is rotated 180 degrees. In effect wiping out competition. Interested in feedback from others.

Note: This is an interesting group dynamics exercise to do with students. I've tried this sort of activity with the block-building game "Jenga" - J.S.

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